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Since 2016, InterSet Ltd providing IP-TV, Online radio, Live broadcasting, Cloud based School – College software, Accounting & HR software, Restaurant POS, Social Media Marketing, SEO-SEM and Customized digital platform based services for various local and international countries.


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Fully dedicated, fully managed, mind blowing WordPress & App hosting. Plus every member gets $50 per month bonus hosting credit. Try completely for free!

site management

Site Management

Streamline management of unlimited sites hosted anywhere you want. Our amazing site management tools make automatically handling 1 or 100 sites a breeze.

Work Performance tools interset


Make your sites absolutely fly with Interset Pro tools. Members can use our award winning optimization tools on an unlimited number of sites.

website security


Keep every site safe, secure and scanned with the best security plugin. Plus, if you've been hacked, we'll clean up and protect your sites for you, for no extra cost, 24/7/365!

marketing ideas interset


Completely white label your sites and build your email list. You'll have happy clients picking up happy new business, free on unlimited sites.

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Forms, migrations, stats, backups, SEO and more. You'll be amazed at the range of premium tools included in your membership.

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