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How to Disable Plugin Deactivation for Any Specific Plugins

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Are you looking for a way to remove the deactivate link from specific plugins? There may be any plugin for this but we have created a quick simple code snippet that will help you to prevent plugin deactivation for any specific plugin in WordPress.

This will help you stop users from deactivating core plugins while still providing access. Also it can be used in WordPress multi-site also.


All you have to do is add this code to your theme’s functions.php file or in a site-specific plugin:

add_filter( 'plugin_action_links', 'slt_lock_plugins', 10, 4 );
function slt_lock_plugins( $actions, $plugin_file, $plugin_data, $context ) {
// Remove edit link for all
if ( array_key_exists( 'edit', $actions ) )
unset( $actions['edit'] );
// Remove deactivate link for crucial plugins
if ( array_key_exists( 'deactivate', $actions ) && in_array( $plugin_file, array(
unset( $actions['deactivate'] );
return $actions;

Note: If this is your first time adding code snippets in WordPress, then please refer to our guide on how to properly copy/paste code snippets in WordPress, so you don’t accidentally break your site.

0 0 votes
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